January 12, 2011


Es ist vollbracht!

I finished my office/dressing room and will enjoy it as much as I can and as long as I can - we'll be putting a spare bed in here so it'll be a office/dressing room/guest bedroom. Der Gast ist Koenig!

The big closet is in-built so I pretty much just cleaned it (meaning disinfecting the shit out of it!) and is now home for my dresses, shoes and bags, as well as storage for stuff like Halloween and Christmas decoration.

My lovely sister-in-law, who does pretty amazing canvases, made a jewellery board for me. It's so pretty, I love the colours and it's the perfect storage solution for my beloved necklaces (which I used to have on a single clothes hanger). There's also a little pouch on the left bottom corner for small goodies and I love the fact that she's studded the pouch on the frame. Une artiste!

Anyways, my cardboard deer had to move and my QOTSA-Poster finally got a place to live. Havealook.