January 24, 2013

I'm here on business

So I successfully completed my first ever business trip over the last two days and while movies portray "the business trip" as glamorous and swanky, they always seem to miss that part where you actually have to work.

The whole concept of stepping foot on a plane to do something else than spending lots of money and enjoying yourself (aka holidays) needs to find its way into my head first.

I have also still not overcome that traumatizing landing I had to experience in Singapore last September, still tensing up completely when we are about to touch ground, thinking it would make a difference if I just sat back and relaxed.

But since I will be doing this basically once a month, I should better get used to it and you know what, in a way it's pretty exciting to fly to a different town (and climate zone, oh humidity!!!) on a regular basis. And getting paid for it is pretty sweet too...

I am still trying to post daily, but I kind of missed out at the very beginning of January and am now trying to catch up.

I might leave this five day gap, but I have this urge to fill it with stuff....it's just not a blog if I don't post daily, am I right?

Like a necklace is just not a necklace if it's not a gigantic dinosaur....

dinosaur necklace via asos.com $ 189.75 (lol)