January 28, 2013

Revive or die

Yeah, since neons are on their way out we have to make way for another marvelous trend that was meant to stay in the past but went on to live on forever:

The crazy 80ies sweater

I am talking wide arms, wide body and super short length, so as to make you look like you are either super short or super fat or, in my case, both.

The only thing that can really save you from looking like a fat hobbit is if you have stick-legs pocking out the bottom, covered in Lycra. Yeah...humanity really doesn't learn from the past, do they? Has noone ever seen fucking Flashdance???

Anyway...here are a few of my 'favorites' off notorious romwe.com

Purple-Green Dip Dye Sweatshirthttp://image.romwe.com/images/product14/NCTD0343/NCTD0343.jpgCat Face Print White Thick PulloverPortrait Print Black PulloverRetro

Now my question is: Is it so good it's shit or so shit it's good? Did the 80ies call to get their sweater back? Or your childhood? What's with all the cat faces? And the religious themes? I don't get it. Man. I don't.