January 25, 2013

Something old, something new...

Planning a wedding totally sucks and to be honest, if I would do it again, I would do it in a tiny little cottage somewhere away from everyone with family and closest friends only. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed my wedding days (yeah I had two, but with the same man. Score.) but the planning beforehand was a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully I have some pretty precious family members and friends (Mum and Dad basically organised the whole wedding including band, drinks, food, midnight snacks, venue)  my sister did my nails, my friend and parents' employee did my hair, my brother and his then (and still beautiful) girlfriend organised the cake, all I did was order the rings and buy my wedding dress here. (Just so you know it was always that price, even three years ago it said "80 % off" which made me feel ratty and smart at the same time. Good to know now that it was just a sneaky marketing strategy)To be honest, the times I wasn't a psycho bride I actually found it a great way to bond with a lot of people, not just my groom. So hey, thanks everyone who contributed! It was amazing.

Anyway the reason I am doing this whole nostalgic wedding talk is because, well, if I could change one thing, just one little detail, it would be the footwear choice for my special day. I wore pink mermaid stiletto killer heels I chucked into a corner once the official part was over (that was also when I ripped my dress, spilled shit all over it and generally didn't treat it with a lot of respect - 80 % off does that to you...).

Now that Jeffrey Campbell brought out this amazing range of white shoes, I wish I could have travelled through time and space to snatch a pair of these babies up in 2010.

But ah well....we can always renew our vows.

"not a wedding shoe" - my arse. All of these would've done a great job. Save the spike one for the wedding night. via Jeffrey Campbell's facebook page, all available for purchase here