January 08, 2013

Travel Inspiration

Dreaming of living in a place that requires me to do zero work for anyone other than myself, lets me forget all my sorrows and the Ketchup song, and where the sound of a truck coming down the road doesn't make me run outside at 5 am to drag my bins out. Ahhh bin collection. You sonofabitch.

I am vigorously living through this lady's instagram account (follow her!) And while some of you might think "Dude, you live in Australia. You have beaches and sharks there" it just seems so much cooler to be in Hawaii, permanently living in a Bikini. I mean, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is basically my favourite movie of all times. Living in a world where motion pictures are 100 % accurate depictions of reality HOW COULD IT EVER SUCK THERE? Seriously, coconut bras and flower chains and dancing on the beach and drinking white rum cocktails and swimming with dolphins. See below for some more suggestions on how to spend your spare time in AWESOMENESS!
Now I just gotta get over my fear of THESE guys.