January 23, 2013

New stuff and stuff...

I haven't ordered anything off bb.com.au for almost a year now but 30 % off and a nice little witch dress were to good to say no to.


I also finally got around to ordering the only Limecrime lipstick my heart ached for - Airborne Unicorn (yeah I kind of fell for the name first, then the colour but who could blame me?)


I have been pretty modest with my spending the last three weeks and I think spending little bits and pieces here and there on stuff I actually really want is much more satisfactory than going out on a Saturday arvo, throwing cash at everything I kind of like/I saw on someone else and it looked good, to then come home and leave all the stuff rotting in their bags until one day I rediscover it and wonder what I was thinking at the time... aaaaaaannd breath.
Long sentences are fun.

Maybe reading Freud's "Psychology of love" is having an impact.