January 10, 2013

Macro Magicka


Trying to grasp the excitement I am feeling right now because "Lolita" finally (FINALLY) got interesting. I have struggled with the scandalous piece of literature for the last couple of months and I am finally enjoying the read.
I am trying to fight this concept of instant gratification in my head. It is hard for me to remember how it felt to work for something, to invest time and energy in something that wasn't going to spit out a reward straight away. Can you remember the last time somebody asked you a random question and you didn't straight away grab your smart phone to google the answer?
I know I am making myself sound like an illiterate bogan when I say reading a book sometimes feels challenging, because I usually only consume 3000 words or less at once (thanks for melting my brain, world wide web). I am eager to see a change in perception as well as a more hesitant approach towards the quantities and topics I consume on a daily basis. Who knows, I might even start reading the paper again.

Also on the long-term gratification list:
-delete time wasters off my blog roll
-learn how to cook actual meals, not pretend meals (packet Kievs, I am looking at you!)
-nourish creativity
-take more photographs
-save money for peace of mind and future travel endeavours
-sell unwanted clutter

 What can stay on my instant gratification list is looking at oil and water photos.Oh macro magicka.