January 04, 2013

January 4th: Presents

The announcement of a massive parcel arriving in the mail didn't really feed my expectations too much. I know my mum loves to fill up cardboard boxes and send them to me, but I had no idea just how much she loved it. I got this massive parcel as a belated Christmas gift. Everyone, it really pays off to be nice to your parents, hey! Now go ring your mum and tell her you love her!!!

I think I might have cried a little when opening the gigantic 12 kg parcel and finding all the good (=evil) things I love and miss from home. Australian chocolate is delish, but there is lots of stuff in it that shouldn't be there (like preservatives and substances that stop it from melting). It's nice to make my taste buds feel like they're 15 k km away.
from left to right: Mon Cheri, Merci, Orangen Lebkuchen, Schlossbergkipferl x 4, Schokobananen x 2, Milka Vollmilch Schoki x 2, Noisette, Ganze Haselnuss x 2, Bensdorp 300 gr Rum-kokos x 2 & Erdbeer x 1 (only one because mum knows I love it but it makes me break out like apple crumble face), Schokobananen, Dominosteine, Kokoskuppeln, Lebkuchen, Likoerflaeschchen, Mozartkugeln, After Eight, Bio-Dinkel, Hafer- und Orangen-Schoko - Kekse, Rum Kokos von Casali (sing the song!), Schokofruechte, Manner Wafferl