January 27, 2013

Of tornados and leather sweatshirts

I can't quite get my head around this just yet:
via fashion156

Maybe it's because this first model looks a lot like this guy, or maybe it's because I can only imagine the floods of sweat and body fluids that are captured, no, more trapped inside of these peculiar clothing items. I have to admit I don't own a lot of real leather, but the amount I own is STILL extremely unforgiving in terms of sweat collection.

via doctor google

I could do leather T-shirts for sure, but the generously sized armholes are about the only reason why. No odor and moisture collection there. It can all just vaporize.

On a lighter note (uhm, what's lighter than clothing?) we are expecting floods, tornadoes and other great surprises of the extreme climatic catastrophic sort. We are also supposed to attend a party. This could really turn into one of those crazy 80ies movies were a lot of young, drunk people fornicate in the pool and then get electrocuted by lighting, all while their friends get taken away by a massive tornado. Of course there will be a lot of boobs. I mean, you can't have an 80ies movie without boobs everywhere, am I right?

Sometimes it tingles in my brain when I write.....