January 06, 2013

January 6th: What if...

What if money wasn't an object?

I loved this video. Thanks GALA!
Always an inspiration.

Like most of twenty-somethings I am on a pursuit of self-revelation. I need to find out what I am meant to do for a living. And I should find out fairly soon (please?)

This video won't make my quest any easier, don't get me wrong. But it's a nice reminder of what we should actually pursue in life. It's not wealth and other people's recognition (means NOTHING!), it's earning our own respect and acceptance, achieving happiness.

For most of us quitting our jobs to find oneself isn't an option but man, there are 24 hrs in the day and if you're unlucky you spend around 10 hrs preparing for, traveling to and being at a job you dislike. Take out 8 or 7 hrs of sleep and you still have around 6 hrs you can do with whatever you please. Self-revelation isn't something one achieves by watching telly and cooking the same old meal every night.  Trust me, I've tried and tested that option and it doesn't do much for you. You gotta get out of your comfort zone.

So what am I getting at is that yes we might have jobs we don't find fulfilling and quitting isn't an option because homelessness isn't really a path to happiness either. But we still have that spare time we can fill to the brim with a great diversity of things that makes us happy, grow and challenge us. And by doing that, we can slowly work towards finding what we are meant to do.

And yet another resolution right there. Turn off the TV please.