January 30, 2013

Trippy as galaxy stuff

It never occurred to me to actually study photographs of galaxies. I never went beyond the black milk website in regards to this amazing imagery.

But man it's some trippy stuff hey. I feel sad for all these people who are completely against the evolutionary theory and think we are the highest life form in the whole universe. Well...according to them there is no universe. I say: Have a look at this stuff suckers.

 Blue Galaxy

I am currently selling a whole heap of shoes and stuff on eBay, not for the sake of making lots of dollars, but just for clearing some space in my life.
I have developed a strong aversion to cluttering, but feel it's a waste to just throw everything out. Nothing wrong with getting back some of the money I spent on the things. It quite frankly amazes me that I can just go through my closet and find 23 (23!!!) pairs of shoes I have not worn or considered wearing more than once, that I have absolutely no attachment to (I guess this is a good thing. Getting attached to things is weird...), that I don't even like at all (AT ALL!)  and can just throw on eBay for someone else to have.

Note to self: If I whinge again about lacking financial resources I hope my hand develops a reflex and just punches me in the face.