October 10, 2012

October 10th: Summertime Sadness

When Lana Del Rey wrote that song, she probably had some version of the following concept in mind:

Summer - hot weather - skimpy clothes - holidays in exotic country - go to pool - meet cute guy - go to pool party - make out with cute guy - fall in love - dance with cute guy in street without shoes on - suddenly it starts raining - wet hair - see-through clothes - waking up hungover next morning - having to drive home from exotic place - feeling summer time sadness

Well...at least that's the cheesy "Santana" - like music video that keeps popping up in my head whenever I hear the song.

Very lovely day at work where I was by myself for the last one and a half hour, dying to go to the bathroom and just as I closed the doors a lady in a way too short lace dress slid through it and decided to try on about 15 pairs of shoes. I might have shed an invisible tear or two. 
Kill me now.

So what did we learn today, folks?

Was it

a) that you don't walk into a closed shop to make people who just worked 8 hrs stay back (unpaid), just because your unemployed arse couldn't make it out of bed before 5 pm and you kinda feel like trying on sandals, or

b) that I am physically able to 'cry inwards' or

c) that I am not only lacking Vitamin D, but also sleep and sanity.

I choo - choo - choose answer C in this case.
Can you imagine a childhood without The Simpsons?
Horrifying...I know.
Good night.