October 02, 2012

October 2nd: Rushfit revival

Hey, did I mention it's October? I completely forgot. Halloween is just around the corner and I am tossing up between dressing up as "Corpse Bride" or "Sally" from "Nightmare before Christmas".
It has to be Tim Burton.
Full FUCKING stop.

If you are wondering what happened to my Rushfit ambitions, well, here's the deal:
Dan and I, though very optimistic and motivated at first, didn't do shit during our holiday (surprise surprise!). Except for eating unhealthily and drinking many alcoholic beverages, that is.
So now that we are back home and our jet lags (is there even a plural of that word?) are starting to dwindle we are about to tackle our first session in almost three weeks.
We initially got up to week five of the eight week program, only missing one or two training sessions in total due to illness, but we decided to start from the beginning again, so as to prepare our body and muscles for what is yet to come.

As natural and easy as working out got towards the end of week 2 for me, as though I felt was the start. Your body just wants to collapse, especially if you are being active at work for most part of your day and then come home to a workout of that caliber. But as usual the majority of the pain and all of the "workout resentment" happens in your head and you just have to tell yourself to harden the fuck up and get on with it.

If you enjoy sleeping in in the morning (YES!), but are struggling with exercising after a hard day's work, just follow one simple rule:
Don't EVER lower your tired self onto your couch when you come home! This includes sitting down, because that will inevitably lead to worse (lying down), which will then lead to napping or falling into a television/internet trance until bedtime.
Instead, put your shit down, have a drink of water, change into your workout gear and go for it.
It's that simple. I can tell from experience that as soon as I have my gym clothes on, I have no choice but to move that ass. :)

The most important advice I can give is to start your exercise regimen with a positive approach. Don't do it JUST to get thinner, don't weigh yourself, don't even write down your start weight or measure your waist or anything ridiculous like that. Just work out for the sake of feeling better and being healthy and let the positive effects surprise you. If you drive yourself insane with weighing, you'll only get disappointed. While you're building up muscle, you won't loose any kgs, but might even gain weight. Measuring body parts I find is not only time consuming, but clearly an expression of self-hatred. Which number is OK and which isn't? What's the desired centimeter count? Is it not disrespectful towards myself, to determine my body's worth with a tape measure?

Seriously. Forget about all that bullshit and just roll with it. If you don't have a "goal weight" in sight there is also no reason for you to ever STOP exercising too. Double bonus.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, I'll share with you
the following marvelous (!!!) things that happened when I started doing Rushfit.
These are actual positive effects exercising had on my life. I try to stay away from using the
word "results", because quite frankly, my body is not a machine that is supposed to produce results
with everything I do. And on top of that, as soon as I talk about "results", I imply that work is foregoing these results. I don't want to perceive exercise as hard, shitty work, but more as a pleasurable after-work activity.

Okay, getting carried away again. Here are the positive effects I gained through following an exercise routine:

  • After the first week my sleep deepened and I felt incredibly well rested and clear in the mornings.
  • After week two my skin cleared up and I felt (and was!) stronger and lifted heavier weights.
  • After week three I was able to see great definition in my arms and abs, as well as having far less back and shoulder pain, from the back muscles I had strengthened. (I usually struggle with tension in my shoulders and therefore have bad posture).
  • After week four I could see some awesome definition in my thigh and buns (and I have big thighs and buns!!), had burnt some of my cellulite (at least in my head burning off is how cellulite disappears haha) and my calves were super tight. This is incredible to me, since I never saw any change in my lower body from doing Pilates or even attending pump classes.
  • All over I felt less stressed and very content and balanced. I always got haunted by the fact that I wasn't exercising and eating properly but now that I am, I feel like I am in charge of my life a little more. This might sound silly, but it makes me feel like I am one step closer to becoming a responsible adult - HA! 
I also think it's a great experience to train with my partner. Dan and I encourage each other and don't want to let the other person down, just because we don't "feel like working out". We just do it out of mutual respect and it's a great way to push one another and stick to the workout plan. Dan is totally superior to me in terms of fighting techniques and cardio, but I like to kick his butt when it comes to ab exercises I know from doing Pilates. :) It's like a little contest we got and we make sure to tell one another, if we have the impression one of us is slacking off or could simply do better. It's also great to have someone give you instant feedback when you're doing an exercise wrong. And of course it's awesome to get checked out before hopping in the shower, and being told that you're hard work is paying off! ;)

So get on it ladies and gents!
There's no reason NOT to start!!!! Woooohoooo :)