October 14, 2012

October 14th: Deth P. Sun

Aaaah, Sunday.
What a great way to relax and recover from a hard week of work and pleasure. And of course, The Lebowski Bash. I've had a bit of a crazy week with lots of work, weird as weather, I fought off a cold and the freaking wind, as it had me walking around upskirt for most of Friday afternoon. Yes, I flashed about 10 construction workers and a guy that works in the shop opposite of mine. Great times, awkward at last.

Since going to the beach was kind of a no-no today with about sixty loads of washing to do, we decided to go all out next weekend and go up to the Sunshine Coast for a look. I haven't been up there since February 2011 (!!!). I might live in the country with the greatest beaches of the world, but I seem to go to Melbourne more often than to said beaches. 

Anyway, moving on from my obviously AMAZING personal life to the core of this equally stunning blog post.

I love instagram. That's not a big secret. But I especially love it for its transparency.
For me it's the easiest way to discover new artists and personalities and one of them is Californian illustrator Deth P. Sun.

I don't even know how I stumbled across is profile on instagram, but it was probably through a friend who liked one of his pictures. Isn't this a great way to get (social) media coverage? People who like your photo, automatically lead all their followers to your page. It's like an artistic snowball effect. Great for everyone, who has talent but no financial means, to represent it in a big way.

Anyway, Deth P. Sun has a character, which all his paintings and drawings evolve around. I think it's a cat/bat type creature. I just love the way he uses colour in such a quirky, yet subtle kind of way. Do you know what I mean? They're not kids illustrations after all, though he gets me excited like one.
Tough thing to do with such an ever-bored and unamused adult like me. He also lists the "Moomins" as inspiration in some of his pictures. In my world that's a double PLUS.
Have a look if you're interested, also browse his page or etsy shop, if you want to acquire one of these splendid art works. (Yes, I said the word 'splendid' out loud in an Oxford accent as I typed it. "Splendid".)