October 31, 2012

October 30th + 31st: I'm lazy, I know

Yeah, technically it's already November, but my 1st of November post is yet to follow. Get excited for a whole heap of "where the actual fuck has the year gone" bullshit. Because I am an old lady and that's what old ladies like to talk about.


I have been feeling like shit for the last two weeks or so, constantly having headaches and feeling nauseous constantly. I got up at 5 this morning to take Aspro. I NEVER ever take pain killers, so this was a last resort type dealy. So yeah, please accept this as a valid apology for not being here. I'm dying. Valid excuse. Non? Oui? Peut-etre?

How was everyone's Halloween?

If you follow me on instagram, you should know how mine was. Well, here's the deal: It was pretty darn cool. And using the word "darn", like the Dad-esque creature I am, should be an indicator of last nights' coolness in itself.

We had lots of candy, lots of decorations, trick or treaters abusing our door bell and best of all, there is enough candy left for me to feast on for the rest of the year (ok..at LEAST until Christmas!!!). My personal highlight was by far seeing the disappointed faces on two girls, when they saw Dan and me coming down the stairs. They said they expected someone "scarier" living in the house.

Note to self: Work on scarier appearance.

We finished the night with some Evil Dead, some Ghostbusters and some Dracula.

Anyways...feast your eyes, my darlings.