October 09, 2012

October 9th: Womanimal

Sorry for the slight delay of this post.
I had to watch The Expendables 2 last night and it was so kick-ass and ridiculously over the top, that
I felt action-drained and tired afterwards.

Here is an artist I heard of via fashion156.com's daily blog

It's a pretty cool website, but I only subscribe to the daily blog and hardly ever click onto
the fashion news (too many other blogs are already covering that shit). They always introduce artists, photographers and young designers so it's a pretty convenient and easy way to find out about new talent.

Anyway, here is artist Meryl Donoghue's womanimal stuff.

I think we can all agree now, that a girl dressed in a 60ies Mod dress with a deer's head would be the ideal conversation starter on a Saturday night out. She also doubles as a clothes horse.
Happy 9th of October.