October 25, 2012

October 25th: Tattoos in the making

Are you sure? via wtftattoos.com

Apart from having exciting stuff going on at work, I am having severe tattoo cravings. It's been a while, since I wanted to get inked (what a douche bag of a word), but I reckon as soon as I have my financial resources bundled, I will go on the search for a good tattoo artist.
I will probably avoid the Brisbane area, unless anyone has any good tips? I won't wanna waste my time and hard earned pesos on arrogant fucks who think they're supposed to do everything else (self-realisation wtf), but provide a good service.

When I hear people talk about their experiences with tattooists, I shudder with disgust. I hear about tattooists who screw up, because they are bored, drunk or hungover. I heard stories of 4 hr sessions during which not a  single word was exchanged between artist and customer. Can you imagine shutting up for that long? A horrible thought in my world. And how many times did you walk into a tattoo parlour and were neglected with arrogance, were laughed upon because of your ideas or their "un-doability", instead of being provided with alternatives? I have, trust me. More than once did I want to throw poo (figuratively, please!) at the "manager" behind the front desk, for being such an arrogant, unhelpful fuck. To be honest, I would be disgusted with myself if I let someone carve their identity into my leg, if I was aware how big an arsehole they are. It means they become part of me, and I sure as hell don't intend becoming an arsehole's fucking canvas and walking advertisement.

So. Much. Swearing.

I talked about my ink experience (the leg piece one)  a couple of months ago (have a look through my archive!) but I won't shy away from repeating myself.
I had a fabulous time. I would go as far as to describe it an intimate experience. It was a 3 1/2 hr session and I didn't feel bored or intimidated once. I felt fascinated by what my tattooist produced and how confident he was in his creation. There was no sign of arrogance from his side at all, even though I was 18 and didn't really have a clue about how I wanted everything to look and he, well, he's the shit were I come from. He happily guided me through the process, gave me a million options and made sure I was comfortable with what he had drawn up for me. It wasn't at all a shitty, intimidating and rushed experience.

You can grasp now why I am a bit hesitant about looking around. I hate "scene" shit and arrogance, especially with people who are here to provide a service. I know tattooists are artists but man, I pay you to transfer my idea onto my skin, I don't want to hear your self-realisation BS or how awesome you are.

Since I want to get a Studio Ghibli tattoo in true Myazaki style, I reckon it will be extremely hard to find a tattooist who is willing to do just that, without wanting to add their personal style.

 Hints and tips would be greatly appreciated, guys! :)