October 23, 2012

October 23th: This is such a cheap post

How great is instagram? I mean, it literally gives every arsehole a platform to post filtered photos of themselves, hashtagging them with #nofilter.
Crazy good.
I am one of these arseholes.
Here are my #nofilter filtered photos. Enjoy

First step to adulthood: Wear a wristwatch like you were interested in what time of day it was. Apparently it helps with productivity levels. I find it very stressful. I also found I rather search my bag in an attempt to find my phone in order to look at the time than lift my left arm. Ah well...
Nothing like a morning coffee. Remember when I bought these prints and was super stoked?

new babies. shitty photo but they are silver cuffed stilettos. 

Mini ice cream cones from Aldi. Delicioso!

New Ghibli DVD. I fell asleep half way through. This doesn't indicate the quality of the movie (first half was great), but of my 11 pm physical state. Yeah, I was pretty tired. But I promise I'll tell you how I find the ending.
Halloween is coming up!!! EEEEEPPP. I am excited. This is my costume of 2009. Faaar out. It seems like a life time ago. The matching post is just here.

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