October 21, 2012

October 21st: Lazy Oaf

Oh hey there.

As you might have been able to tell by my 'non-instagraming' (why u no use proper word?) of beaches and bikinis and ice cream cones, I HAVEN'T been to the beach this weekend.

See, Dan and I are starting to get the hang of this whole 'act responsibly, be an adult' thing and thought we should prepare the house for our routine inspection tomorrow, rather than spend our time and money in paradise.

Also we don't really have a lot going for us bank account wise, so spending $ 100 plus for one night was, after putting some thought into it, not really a sensible option.

How boring, I know. But cleaning can be so much fun, guys!
No, seriously.
It isn't.
But that's cool.

Now. Listen to some of this shizzzzzzzzz